Hey, there! Welcome to this little blog. My name is Teodora (Greek for “gift from God”). I am a Bulgarian-Armenian with a tiny pinch of Greek blood – a proper European cocktail. I moved to England in my early 20’s to pursue an M.A. in screenwriting and a creative career, and I have been living here ever since.

I love travel, the arts and culture, so I spend a lot of time at galleries, museums, cinemas and festivals. I have been a freelance content+copywriter and translator for many years. As such I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to create advertising materials and editorial content (in two languages) for many brands the world over, including household names and Fortune 500 giants. I have also enjoyed the freedom of being able to work from anywhere with good Wi-Fi and a kettle. This digital nomad freedom has allowed me to travel and live around Europe a bit.

I have been experimenting with writing fiction for print and screen for the last decade and as I have become more focused on this lately, I have started this blog to share my creative journey.

Why this blog?

Sometimes people ask me where I get ideas or “inspiration” for the stories that I write. Usually my answer is “life” and this is pretty much the whole story. Creativity has always come to me naturally. My parents are artists, so it might have something to do with inheriting the artistic genes. I started drawing when I first picked a pencil – that’s what my grandparents say. I did photography for many years and I worked on the set of various short film productions (hey, I even got a credit on IMDB); I made my first attempts at writing stories when I was 14 and I was awarded a master’s degree in writing for film and television in my early 20’s.

As I said, creativity comes to me naturally. That does not mean it always comes easily, though. The thing is, creative people can get depleted and burnt out, too, and that has happened to me a lot. Sometimes it’s just too much creative work, at other times it’s not enough creative work, still others it’s just life with all of its chores and challenges.

When we are younger we are in a far more perceptive state of mind – creatively speaking. The older we grow, the more cluttered our brains become; and a brain that is constantly preoccupied with problems and getting items checked off to-do lists is not always creatively set, so to say.

To quote a favourite YouTuber of mine: “We forget that we are alive.” And life itself is the source of all creativity. If we are in an open, perceptive state of mind, creativity comes naturally. Otherwise we have to seek it consciously. Which is why I no longer think that creativity is a state. It’s a process, fluid and malleable. It’s also a muscle that we have to exercise.

This blog is a creative challenge, an attempt to seek inspiration in unusual places – from mundane daily life to colourful adventures and journeys. It’s a mix of stories – real and fictional. It’s also a form of self-expression. You see, I don’t live to write – that would be too dramatic.

I write to live, because to me, as to most creative people and artists, self-expression is a way to live more fully. 

Hence this blog – an attempt to live the creative life more fully.

Feel free to join me on this journey – I will be delighted if I can inspire you or even help you unleash your own creativity.