Hey there! Welcome to my blog! This is my first real post on here and it’s an announcement. I’ve decided to participate in #the100dayproject that’s kicking off on the 2nd of April.

What’s the 100 day project? Here is a brief summary from the official website:

“The100DayProject is a free art project that takes place online. Every spring, thousands of people all around the world commit to 100 days of exploring their creativity.”

I first learned about it a year ago but it was too stressful and turbulent a year for me to take part. But I am far more focused in 2019, so here I am!

The main challenge before starting was figuring out what my own project would be. The thing seems to lend itself to visual arts or something that can be showcased via visuals, since its main channel is Instagram, where I believe it started.

As a writer I thought that might be a bit challenging, but then realised that’s overthinking it. Writing is an art, and I have always had an affinity for visuals – I write screenplays and I love being behind camera.

It still took me a while to figure out how I would participate, as in what the theme of my project would be, but I finally nailed it.

I will be generating story ideas every day for the next 100 days.

To put it even simpler, I’ll be generating any story bits and bobs: plot ideas, character sketches, dialogue snatches… The whole goal is for those “story ideas” to help me develop my bigger projects.

How did I come up with this?

I wanted my project to meet 3 criteria:

  1. It must not distract me from the stories I am already working on or planning to work on in the upcoming 100 days.
  2. I want to incorporate whatever I do during the project into my regular writing, aka the aforementioned projects.
  3. It has to be simple enough to be doable without sucking up time that I don’t have or being unrealistically grandiose.

At the moment I am finishing the second draft of a feature screenplay, writing a short film for a friend and planning two more features.

So finally I figured out that I could use #the100dayproject as part of my story generation process for all those projects.

I usually start all new stories with a chaotic brainstorming, random idea generation process whereby I write down any ideas that come to me until something definite begins to emerge from the chaotic cloud.

Since I have two scripts in progress and two more that I want to start outlining, I decided that the story-cum-idea generation would not only help towards those projects, but it would not distract from them. This meets the first two criteria for the project and it’s simple enough to be doable. Three birds with one stone!

I have not yet figured out the practicalities, such as the time of day I will set aside for this, or the channel I will use for recording my progress, etcetera, etc.

I did figure out my hashtag though: #100DaysofStoryIdeas

Not very original, and I bet someone has probably used it already (like every other writer on earth! lol) but that’s beyond the point. Details, as my bestie always says.

The important thing is to create.

Anyway, here we begin. Feel free to share if you are taking part in the #the100dayproject and how.

Stay inspired and dream.